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Regenerative Medicine

If you think about it, it’s pretty amazing how much medicine has advanced throughout the centuries. Despite the amazing progress, there are still not as many effective treatment options out there to target many diseases or injuries. In some cases, the only way to help the patient is to provide treatments that may not get rid of the problem, but can temporarily manage the symptoms. Fortunately, with regenerative medicine, we have the ability to repair and even replace damaged tissues and organs and provide patients with hope.

Regenerative medicine certainly isn’t new, but advancements in the field of cell development have allowed us to provide new therapies and treatment options that are more effective than ever before. Regenerative medicine is a rather overarching field that includes tissue engineering, but also focuses on treating problems of the tissues or organs to promote normal function. This process stimulates the body’s own natural healing response to repair tissues and organs.

There are three main aspects to regenerative medicine:

  • Rejuvenation: We provide regenerative treatments that help the body repair itself faster and more efficiently.
  • Replacement: This involves using healthy organs or tissue from a donor to replace damaged ones (e.g. liver transplant).
  • Regeneration: By introducing specific cells into the diseased tissues or organs we can repair and possibly even heal tissues or organs.

At our pain management center, we offer two revolutionary treatment options: Platelet-rich plasma and stem cell therapy.

Platelet-Rich Plasma

Blood is made up of platelets(white cells and red cells). While platelets promote blood clotting, they are also made up of tons of proteins that help promote healing. In order for PRP to work, blood must first be drawn from the patient. Then the platelets are separated from the rest of the blood cells and the concentration of platelets is increased and then combined with the blood and injected back into the patient to promote faster healing.

PRP is a great option for those with chronic tendon injuries, acute ligament or muscle injuries, fractures or knee arthritis.​

Stem Cell Therapy

This form of medicine uses stem cells to help prevent and even treat certain diseases. One of the most commonly known stem cell therapies is a bone marrow transplant. Stem cell therapy has been used to treat cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy. While chemotherapy kills the cancerous cells, it doesn’t discriminate and will also kill healthy stem cells too. By but transplanting stem cells back into the body it can help the body fight the disease more effectively.

Stem cell therapy can also be used to treat brain and spinal cord injuries, neurodegenerative conditions like Parkinson’s disease, heart disease, blindness and other vision problems, infertility and HIV/AIDS.

Want to learn more about regenerative medicine and what it could do for your health? Call (210) 314-7483 to schedule a consultation!​​ Regenerative medicine can truly improve a person’s quality of life for the long-term.

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