Robin Method Direct Intravenous
Ozone Therapy (RMDIV)

Ozone is a gas not a liquid. Medical Oxygen (O2) is used to make Ozone (O3).  It is the extra oxygen molecule that does all the work. When the ozone enters the blood it destroys all viruses, yeast, mold, fungus, bacteria, spirochetes and parasites as well as harmful toxins and harmful free radicals.  Ozone has also been shown to chelate toxic material from nerve tissue that normal chelation cannot. According to the literature, an adverse reaction to ozone may be a temporary rash.

Positive effects of DIV that have been reported include:

  • Acts as a pain killer and an anti-inflammatory
  • Improve circulation by making the red blood cells rounder and flow easier
  • Cleanse and detoxify as well as boost your immune system
  • Stimulates the body to make an abundance amount of natural stem cell and repairs the unrepairable
  • Hair and nails grows stronger, longer, healthier and faster
  • Skin takes on a healthy a look and helps all source of skin problem therefore there should be no rash associated with the treatment
  • You may fall asleep easier, sleep better and needs less sleep
  • More energy, stamina and endurance

While the FDA states that ozone is a toxic gas with no known useful medical application in specific, adjunctive or preventive therapy, numerous research studies have shown worldwide that there are therapeutic benefits to using medical ozone.  The “therapeutic window” has been determined to range between 10-80 mcg/ml.  The recommended concentration of intradiscal ozone is about 33 mcg/ml.  If given intravenously, the concentration should be between 50-55 mcg/ml.

So why is it not an FDA standard approved procedure United States?  I will leave that question to be answered elsewhere.  Oxygen zone injection therapy has been a standard and effective medical intervention in Europe for decades.

Short-term reactions that have been reported include but are not limited to bruising, pain from ozone infiltration into the tissue rather than the blood vessel, headaches, stomach and internal distress, blood clots, embolism, infection and local phlebitis.

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