Stem Cell

LIVEYON REGEN SERIES to treat pathology with regenerative medicine.  It is reported to contain mesenchymal cells that exerts anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effect that helps optimize the cellular environment.  It is reported to contain growth factors secreting live nucleated cells that stimulate your own tissue to undergo mitosis and regenerate itself.  Cells derived from the umbilical cord is younger and ore vibrant than older adult cells found in bone marrow and adipose tissue and secretes appropriate concentration of growth factors necessary for tissue regeneration compared to an older senescent adult self.

This is not FDA approved; however, it is used off label for spine and back joints such as intradiscal injection or facet joint injection.  It can also be used in small joints such as wrist, shoulder, elbow, hip, knee and foot joints. It can be used with small amount of Marcaine if necessary, but it is best to avoid Marcaine and local anesthetic.  It may be used with low dose dexamethasone (less than 1 mg) which can actually irritate the cells and cause them to possibly produce higher concentration of growth factors. It is best to avoid NSAIDs 3 days prior to injections and up to 3 weeks after the injections.  Patients may take Tylenol or Tramadol if necessary.

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