Minimally Invasive Decompressions

Minimally Invasive Decompression is a procedure used for patients with disc herniation usually less than 5mm—as reported on an MRI—that may be causing back and leg pain.

When conventional steroid injections fail to relieve significant back and leg pain, percutaneous disc decompression is a minimally invasive surgical option performed through a needle that effectively decreases the bulge and relieves pressure on a patient’s nerve which is the cause of inflammation that results in pain.

Minimally Invasive Decompression relieves pain caused by bulging disc(s) using the percutaneous discectomy technique. This is the same method used to perform provocative discography (as seen in the video on Intradiscal Ozone Therapy on this website).

Click on the link below to see the device used to perform Minimally Invasive Decompressions:

Please see the article below to learn more about the effectiveness of Minimally Invasive Decompressions:

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