Amnion Tissue/Cytokines

Human derived amniotic tissue is a versatile powerful tissue which supports the development of the fetus and uterus.  The properties of the amnion tissue is beneficial to the fetus makes it a very good material for covering wounds and contributing to an environment conducive to the regeneration of healthy tissue. Published literature shows that the human derived amniotic tissue contains important growth factors, extracellular matrix molecules, hyaluronic acid, fibronectin, laminin, prostaglandins and cells.  This tissue is processed in accordance to the standard guidelines established the American Association of Tissue Banks.*\

The cytokines are cell signaling molecules that help cell to cell communication, an immune response which stimulates the movement of cells toward sites of inflammation, infection and trauma.  The cytokines includes-IL-1 and IL-1 alpha, IL-6, IL 10, IL-11, Adiponectin, hyaluronic acid, TIMP 1, VEGF, HGF and EDF.  Therapies that can benefit from this product include knee pain, osteoarthritis, meniscal tears, hip arthritis and labral tears, shoulder pain, tendinitis, chronic neck and back pain, torn rotator cuff, wrist, elbow and ankle pain, Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, foot pain, non-healing fractures, inflammation of bursa and chronic pain.

This is NOT FDA approved treatment and insurances consider this experimental and investigational treatment.  This is not a covered benefit by Medicare or any other insurances. Amnion Tissue/Cytokines is an out of pocket expense.

*Birth tissues are recovered during planned cesarean sections and processed in a manner to aseptically preserve the graft’s inherent properties.

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