“The HOCATT™ technology is the most revolutionary therapeutic modality that I have encountered in 25 years of practicing pain medicine.”

– Aldon B. Williams, MD

The HOCATT™ (Hyperthermic Ozone and Carbonic Acid Transdermal Technology) is a single unit developed for a single purpose-strategic wellness and vitality. Using a combination of powerful modalities, the HOCATT™, detoxes the body, improve circulation, boosts energy and strengthens the immune system. When it is working properly, the immune system is naturally the most perfect healing network. It provides the ideal platform for recovery of any illness or disease.  However, the immune system is not invincible. It can be weakened by the things that over burden it, like heavy metals and toxins in the water we drink, airway breath and the food we eat. In today’s world, we are all steadily exposed to toxins, and most of us remain unaware as they continued to accumulate. Eventually, the pace of incoming toxins may overtake the pace at which your body can eliminate them. When you reach this point your body has no choice but to store some of these toxins, which it does in your fat cells. A study done in 2005 found that blood samples from newborns contained an average of 287 known toxins. If a newborn is exposed to that many toxins image how many an adult is exposed to over a lifetime.

Unhealthy lifestyles such as eating too much sugar, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, lack of exercise, stress, too little sleep and lack of oxygen also weakens the immune system.  When this happens, the door is left open for disease to creep in. The HOCATT™ delivers a combination of modalities perfectly sequenced to give a gentle but powerful session that boosts energy and detoxifies the blood down to the cellular level.  The main modality is TRANSDERMAL OZONE, which is generated from pure oxygen.  You can think of ozone as a super oxygen.  The modalities include the following:  transdermal ozone, carbonic acid, whole body hyperthermia, far infrared, steam sauna, high-intensity pulse electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF), frequency specific microcurrents—of which there are 133 varieties for specific ailments, passive exercise with oxygen breathing, essential oil infusion, photon light and colors and ultraviolet irradiation. The combined modalities used in the HOCATT™ have been carefully chosen through extensive scientific consideration.  They have been chosen not only because they are powerfully individually, but because of how exceedingly powerful they become when they work together in the HOCATT™.